Advancing Net Zero Goals through Technology

A Global Technology Festival

A representative taking notes during a Technologise conference event.

Investment Summit

Singapore • 16 Nov 2021

An event run by IoT Tribe.

Galactic Futures Summit

Madrid, Spain • 14 Dec 2021

Net Zero APAC Summit

Singapore • Mar 2022 (TBC)


Curated by IoT Tribe, Technologise is a global technology festival that brings together senior executives who are at the forefront of technology to disrupt the future.

Taking place in Madrid and Singapore, each with different thematic focuses, the events aim to move the needle on technology disruption and adoption. Through inspiring keynotes, thought provoking panels, interactive roundtables, revolutionary technology showcases, and high-impact networking, the event provides a platform for conversations to be held around how next-gen technologies can be applied across industries, and partnerships to be forged.

Technologise will gather all the key players in the technological ecosystem, from leading corporates, prominent public agencies, and investors, to startups, scaleups, SMEs and the broader technology community.