Bringing space tech down to earth

09:30 – 18:00 • 14th December 2021

Palacio de Neptuno • Madrid 


The opening market of New Space, with its exponentially increasing levels of investment, is enabling the access of non-traditional players to the previously disregarded space tech. At the same time, space itself is becoming more and more prominent as a critical infrastructure for the next generation of the human to cloud digital continuum advances and deployments. 

The future of space is digital and vice versa; space technologies are no longer addressing a niche market limited to defence and communications but hold relevance across all sectors of the economy.

Galactic Futures, a one-day summit will demonstrate to businesses and investors from across verticals such as construction, insurance, banking, logistics and mobility why space tech is behind many of their future digital solutions. 

Global leaders will be joined by leading European startups to demonstrate what the value today is from exploring this exciting and dynamic arena and find the partnerships to enter into the next space race.


Event Highlights

Thought Leadership in Digital Transformation

Thought Leadership in Digital Transformation

Learn from key business, startup and technology leaders on real solutions from space tech.

Global Tech Solutions

Global Tech Solutions

Find advanced tech solutions to support your next level goals.

Unparalleled Networking Opportunities

Unparalleled Networking Opportunities

Connect with top tech developers and industry stakeholders in search of solutions and partnerships.

Why Attend?

Bring space tech into your domain

Bring space tech into your domain

Explore the strategic leverage you can gain from engaging with space.

Advance your tech partnerships

Advance your tech partnerships

Find practical solutions to realise your tech adoption strategies.

Delve into New Approaches

Delve into New Approaches

Delve into new approaches across verticals and at the policy level.

Next-Gen Technologies

Next-Gen Technologies

Understand the role of AI and space data in defining new operations.

Our Speakers

Cédric O

Cédric O

Secretary of State, Government of France
Digital Transition and Electronic Communications

Tanya Suárez

CEO BluSpecs/Founder IoT Tribe
Tech Ecosystem Leader

I run BluSpecs a digital transformation agency that works with companies and public sector organisations on tech adoption, from skills to ecosystem building, and helping them understand and manage data value chains.  Among other impact-driven work, we have set and run the IoT Next Club (free to join), have worked with over 1,900 researchers from across Europe on go-to-market strategies for their tech. I also founded IoT Tribe, an equity-free tech ecosystem builder that brings start-ups and corporates together to do business.

I am a member of the European Innovation Council, an initiative that provides up to 3M€ in non-dilutive funding and up to 15M€ to game-changing startups and SMEs from the UK, Europe, Israel and Turkey. I am also a WEF European Digital Leader, an advisory board member to the Next Generation Internet initiative and a number of start-ups,  a member of Tech London Advocates and Tech Spain Advocates.

I am on the board of the Alliance of Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI), an industry body set up to promote IoT adoption in Europe, where I collaborate with amazing companies of all sizes and sectors. I have also recently been elected to the Quantum Industry Consortium’s Governing Board.

Sébastien Clausse

Sébastien Clausse

CTO Spain, Thales Alenia Space
Aerospace Tech

Sébastien Clausse has joined Thales Alenia Space in Spain in 2011, as Chief Technical Officer, in charge of system engineering activity, as well as R&D and Innovation.  Before he has held various positions in Aerospace and Information and Communication Technologies, in France, UK and Spain.

Florin Calin-Paun

Head of Mission Technology, SAFE Cluster

Innovation Director in France, practitioner and theoretician of the evolutions of the innovation models and tools, Dr. Florin Paun encourages the comprehension of the human factors and behaviors during the collaborative processes as innovation building thus bridges between the world of practitioners and the world of scientists and economists.

His scientific work, based on more of 200 project he worked on, gained worldwide recognition and put in light the emergence of a new innovation French model but also completed the theories of two Nobel Prize Winners (Stiglitz, J., Sen. A) after having applied and adapted them to the highly collaborative processes like innovation.

His strategies and tools aim to support the creation of the shared value between research laboratories, SMEs, multinationals and regions with more than 70 technology transfer agreements succeeded. Innovation director in aerospace sector in France, Dr. Florin Paun, (former Deputy Innovation Director at ONERA and Strategy and development Director at the Competitive Pole SAFE – PACA region) started its career in the aerospace research being specialized in structures and multifunctional materials (15 scientific articles, 4 patents). Educated at the Aerospace Faculty in Bucharest, in Ecole Polytechnique (Palaiseau, Grand Paris), Dr. Florin Paun made a Phd. in Mechanical Engineering in Toulouse (ENSICA) and completed his education with a Master in Management and Leadership at MIT Sloan (United States).

As French Romanian innovation leader, Dr. Florin Paun is one of the 5 French experts and one of the 2 Romanian experts in the Pilot Jury of the European Council of Innovation. Expert-Inventor of several tools and methods for collaborative innovation such as “Demand Readiness Level” (“DRL” (market pull tool) completing the “TRL” (NASA tech push tool), “Contract of shared risks and benefits”, “asymmetries identification and compensation in the highly collaborative process ”), Dr. Paun is teaching its own innovation methods in international Schools for Master Degrees students and is senior advisor in innovation collaborative process of innovation and impact of human factors for Governments, multinationals, networks of practitioners , European INTRAPRENEURS, Innovation School of ANRT in Paris (ANRT Ecole de l`Innovation), ISAE, Ecole de l’Air,

Dr. Florin Paun is author of several scientific articles and books on open innovation strategies including the contributions of more than 50 international business and political leaders in the last 10 years: “J’innove thus je suis” (I innovate so I exist!) , “Tous entre-preneurs” (All Entre-Preneurs), “Innovate or perish” (Innovate or disappear).

Dr. Florin Paun is member of the more international Innovation Networks for Research and Innovation (RRI, Technology Transfer Society, ONERA Alumni, MIT Alumni, etc.)

Ghizlaine Amrani

COO / Co-Founder QuantCube Technology
Innovation and Operation Lead

Ghizlaine leads the development and business growth of the company to create a leader in Economic Intelligence powered by AI. Her mission is to provide investors and governmental institutions with predictive macro-economic and financial indicators to identify profitable investment opportunities and associated risks by analyzing alternative data such as satellite imagery, social networks, meteorological data, shipping, etc.

Ghizlaine focus today is to use the powerful technology that her team has developed in order to create a new generation of ESG indicators allowing a neutral, impartial and normalized assessment of the extra financial performance and its comparison between peers.

Papatya Sutcliffe

Papatya Sutcliffe

Product Manager, Deliveroo
Tech developer
Your text
Alan Moss

Alan Moss

Managing Director, Newland Payments Technology
Payments and Fintech

Björn Pötter

Björn Pötter

Head of Product, IQM Computers
Quantum Expert
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Fernando Herrero Acebes

Fernando Herrero Acebes

Director Innovation, Madrid City Council
Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Skevi Perdikou

Co-Founder Geofem
Geotechnical Expert

I am a Satellite Remote Sensing analyst and a Geotechnical Engineer, working mainly with satellite radar data for monitoring ground and infrastructure movement with millimetric accuracy (DInSAR). Her combination of expertise in geotechnical engineering and DInSAR enables her to provide interpretation and assessment of results. Skevi has also expertise in using 3D Finite Element Modelling.

Julian Fernandez

CEO/Co-Founder FOSSA Systems
Spacetech Entrepreneur

I am the co-founder and CEO of Fossa Systems, a leading hardware manufacturer dedicated to the development of picosatellite technologies. Since a young age, technology has always been my passion. I devote my free time to developing and creating various technological projects, both hardware and software wise. My key focus areas include: Aviation and Aerospace, Electrical Engineering, Internet of Things, Satellite Law, FDM Manufacturing, DLT /Blockchain and Robotics / AI.
I have participated in various conferences and presentations in Europe for the European Space Agency, Apple, Google, TEDx & others.
I am completely proficient/native in English, French, Spanish and Italian thanks to my multicultural background.

Martin Machin

Martin Machin

Co-founder, Quantum South
Quantum and logistics expert

Juan Jiménez Zeballos

CEO Alastria Blockchain
Digital Finance Expert

Juan has a strong track record in innovation and digital transformation, mainly in the financial sector, and is closely involved in open banking projects, digital identity, crypto-asset market regulation (MiCA), digital euro and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). In addition, he has held various senior positions in international financial institutions in domains such as investment banking, business development and organisation.

Pablo Benjumeda Herreros

COO Orbital EOS
Remote Sensing Specialist

I’m Chief Operations Officer and Product Owner at Orbital EOS.

Engineer and MSc in Remote Sensing, I spent 3 years in Airbus and 12 at the Spanish Coast Guard before founding Orbital EOS. I’ve always dealing with maritime applications applying remote sensing techniques and preferred woking in the field rather than the office. After thousands of flight hours I have learnt how to use remote sensing to solve problems in the maritime domain.

Marcos Rodriguez-Silva

Head of Strategy, Transformation & Data Zurich Insurance Company Ltd
Strategy and Transformation Expert

Marcos has 20+ years’ experience in financial services (both banking and insurance) with a global footprint, having lived and led projects in a number of countries in Europe and Americas.

His areas of expertise have traditionally been around strategy and operations, innovation, business development, process optimization (Lean Six Sigma)… In the last few years he increased focus on all aspects related to Digital Transformation, from cultural and organizational agility to technology-based business and operating model transformation (leveraging on big data, advanced analytics, AI, IoT, machine learning, semantics, etc.).

Prior to joining Zurich, he worked for Generali as Chief Digital Officer, having also held responsibilities around strategy, business development, innovation and operations for Spain and Latam during my years at the company. Before switching to Insurance, Marcos was a partner at KPMG focused on Strategy & Operations advisory services, though he also has worked for Arthur Andersen and Lehman Brothers (Investment Banking).

María González Picatoste

Head of Alliances and Investment High Commissioner for Spain Entrepreneurial Nation
Alliance and Investment Lead

Maria Gonzalez Picatoste is the Head of Alliances and Investment of the High Commissioner for Spain Entrepreneurial Nation. Previously she was Endeavor Spain’s Director of Community Engagement. Endeavor is a global non-profit organization that supports high-impact entrepreneurs in the process of scaling up their companies. At Endeavor Maria used to oversee the development of Endeavor Spain’s community of high impact entrepreneurs, board members, mentors and partners; as well as Endeavor’s fundraising, marketing and communications efforts. Maria received her bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) and has a Master of Arts in Multimedia Journalism, as well from UCM. Maria has worked for media outlets including The Economist and Diario ABC, for which she was the newspaper’s New York Foreign Correspondent for 3 years. After an extensive career in media, Maria jumped into the startup world, where she has worked and collaborated with several projects throughout the last 8 years.

John Spindler

CEO Capital Enterprise
Investment and Innovation Lead

John Spindler is the CEO of Capital Enterprise, Co-Founder of AI Seed and Co-Founder of the London Co-Investment Fund.

John has several years of experience with early-stage businesses both as a founder, investor, and advisor. The last few years he has focused on supporting startups in the investment process and has successfully helped startups raise finance through introductions to accelerators, angels, and venture capital. John is an invaluable resource for researchers and startups looking for advice in the investment process.

John is a key player in establishing a culture of innovation and investment in the London tech and entrepreneurship scene.

Raúl Regada

Raúl Regada

Product Manager, Thales Alenia Space
Space Tech expert

Candela Sancho

CEO/Co-Founder Detektia
Geophysics Specialist

Driven by curiosity and inquisitiveness I always wanted to explore different aspects of geophysics, from theoretical geophysics education to field logger, data analyst and numerical modeler. Competent professional with 10 years of interdisciplinary experience and integrated understanding of the surface deformation processes.I see multidisciplinary character as an opportunity not only for my thorough individual contribution, but also for developing my cooperative skills. Proactive, dynamic and resourceful person with proven organizational and analytical skills, my international cross-cultural experiences helped me to communicate and integrate easily and to become a global team player.

Mirko Ross

Mirko Ross

Founder, Asvin
André Turville

André Turville

CEO ARX Alliance



Galactic Futures is a Space Endeavour initiative. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020  research and innovation programme under grant agreement no 870480